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The Reverend Dr. Crouse

The Reverend Dr. Crouse

Not since the Reformation has there been so great a need for priests steeped in the Scriptures and historical traditions of the Church. The destabilization of the church’s doctrine and discipline has been a very tangible result of contemporary liturgical scholarship and experimentation. Decades of inadequate theology and debased language have deprived bishops, parochial clergy, and seminarians of contact with our central tradition of historic Anglican understanding and spirituality. The purpose of Elliott House is to recollect, understand, and practice the inherited wisdom of the Church; To remember what is the vast wealth of our theological tradition means to form one’s thinking in accordance with it. The supreme way to fashion the mind after any of our sacred authorities is to study and master the texts of our tradition. Elliott House focuses on the major texts of the Christian Church.

Elliott House sponsors a three-day seminar every January in Savannah. Priests and seminary graduates, ordained or candidates for ordination, are invited to attend. Space is limited to twenty participants. The first Epiphany Seminar was held in 2002. The ensuing years have provided seminars whose texts and instructors are listed below. Transcripts and audio recordings are available for most of the seminars. For more information, contact the Elliott House Administrator.

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The Odyssey and The Oresteia

Dr. Neil Robertson, Instructor

Grace and Freedom in the Reformed Soul: Erasmus, Luther, and Richard Hooker

Dr. Neil Robertson, Instructor
Evagrius Ponticusʼ Praktikos; John Cassianʼs Institutes
The Rev. David Ousley, Instructor
2010 Augustine’s De Trinitate The Rev. Dr. Michael Carreker, Instructor  
2009 Plato’s Symposium and Phaedo Dr. Dennis House, Instructor  
2008 Dante’s Divine Comedy with focus on Paradiso The Rev. Dr. Robert Crouse, Instructor  
2007 Dante’s Divine Comedy with focus on Purgatorio The Rev. Dr. Robert Crouse, Instructor  
2006 Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy and The Theological Tractates The Rev. Dr. Robert Crouse, Instructor  
2005 St. Athanasius’ treatise On the Incarnation The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey Steenson, Instructor  
2004 Journey of the Mind into God The Rev. Dr. Robert Crouse, Instructor  
2003 The Confessions of St. Augustine The Rev. Dr. Robert Crouse, Instructor  
2002 The Republic Dr. Dennis House, Instructor