Elliott House of Studies

For the Formation of Clergy in the Tradition of Classical Anglicanism

Elliott House Savannah

Spiritual and Academic

The Elliott House is an academic and liturgical community for the formation of clergy in the theological and spiritual tradition of Anglican Christianity.

The Green Meldrim House at St. John's

Elliott House Studies are conducted on the campus of St. John’s in Savannah, GA

The history of the Christian Church is replete with periods of advance and decline. In retrospect we view the Ecumenical Councils, the Monastic Movement of the Middle Ages, and the Reformation, as moments of great spiritual upheaval and conflict but also of renewal and deep spiritual power.

In the midst of upheaval and conflict the Church has remained faithful, and we are inheritors of that faith. Indeed, as Anglicans we derive our spiritual identity from the ebb and flow of ecclesiastical history. First of all, Scripture, the Word of God written, is what grounds our faith and practice. In The Book of Common Prayer,we have the statement of our profession from the Creed of the Ecumenical Councils, the discipline of our liturgical prayer from the Middle Ages, and the freedom of our faith articulated in the theology of the Reformation. Taken altogether, our spiritual pilgrimage follows the Anglican Way, a road already traveled by our forefathers in the Communion of Saints. The “living faith of the dead” is our tradition and inheritance.The Prophet Isaiah Chapel Window St. John's Savannah

Established by St. John’s Church in Savannah in 2000, Elliott House of Studies’ primary purpose to assist in the training of young men for the ordained ministry in the orthodox Christian faith as it is articulated in the tradition of the Anglican Communion. As its secondary purpose, Elliott House seeks to refresh the education of the clergy who serve currently in the Episcopal Church, and to offer them an opportunity for mutual support, reflection, and prayer.

The purpose of Elliott House is to recollect, understand, and practice the inherited wisdom of the Church. To remember what is the vast wealth of our theological tradition means to form one’s thinking in accordance with it. The supreme way to fashion the mind after any of our sacred authorities is to study and master the texts of our tradition. Elliott House focuses on the major texts of the Christian Church.

To this end, Elliott House sponsors a three-day seminar every January in Savannah, Georgia. Priests and seminary graduates, ordained or candidates for ordination, are invited to attend. Space is limited to twenty participants.

For more information about opportunities to study at Elliott House and/or the January seminar, contact the Elliott House Administrator or call the St. John’schurch office at 912-232-1251.